Cinnamon - Vanilla

Pumpkin Spice - Apple

Cacao - Cayenne - Goji

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Cinnamon - Vanilla

Pumpkin Spice - Apple

Cacao - Cayenne - Goji


No-Bake Apple Cookies

Even though the temps are still a bit Summer-like, Fall energy is moving in, so we thought we’d share a recipe to help you get in the spirit. It’s simple and doesn’t have many ingredients, but the ones it uses are nutrition powerhouses. Plus, not only is it delicious, it’s beautiful too!


  • 1 - 2 Apples, any kind
  • ½ Cup of Nut Butter, any kind
  • 5 Nut Granola - any flavor



  1. Core and slice apples into ¼ inch rings
  2. Spread a layer of nut butter onto each slice of apple
  3. Top with your favorite 5 Nut Granola and more
  4. Enjoy!


Here are some our favorite toppings:

  • Any flavor of 5 Nut Granola works here! The pumpkin spice makes things feel like fall, but the Cayenne Cacao Goji pairs really well with the tart sweetness of the apples
  • 85-100% Chocolate Chips
  • Sea salt


We love this one because it’s so versatile. The combos of nut butters, types of apples, and flavors of granola are endless. And they look so great they’ll make a gorgeous, tasty addition to your next get-together spread. These are also a super kid-friendly after school snack!

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