Our Story

It all started with some granola.

It was 2016. I was staying with some friends who’d recently gone Keto, and I really needed a snack. There wasn’t much around, but I found some homemade granola in a cupboard.

I was skeptical. (But desperate.) Keto was still new to the scene, and I had my own dietary restrictions to worry about. Could it really be sugar-free, low-carb and still be satisfying? My friend said it was delicious.

Just a handful. Okay, two handfuls.

Two handfuls turned into a bowl. That bowl turned into a request for the recipe and, when I got home, I made my very first batch.


I couldn’t stop making it.

Tweaking it. Jazzing it up. Batch after batch, like a mad woman. It started out as just a healthy snack for my husband and I -- to fit our tastes and our lifestyle. That meant it had to be delicious. But it also had to be satisfying, packed full of nutrition, and aligned with our dietary practices.

Soon we were eating it all the time, taking it with us everywhere. And people started to take notice, asking us to try some. We were happy to share! We loved it.

They did too.

We started giving it away as gifts, realizing that we’d created something that not only tasted amazing but worked for friends and family who had dietary restrictions. Some of whom hadn’t enjoyed a snack like this for years.


That’s when everything changed.

The first taste, the first satisfying crunch. When we saw their faces light up, and like me, that first handful become a second. When they realized they could enjoy something they thought they might never have again.

The joy we felt in those moments changed everything.


And Better Than Provisions was born.

That’s when our favorite family snack became a dream to offer up something bigger: blood-sugar friendly foods that were not only ideal for almost any diet, but satisfying, nutritious, and so damn delicious you can’t stop eating them.

We love to hear your stories, your experiences, your food and wellness journeys.

We love to see your smiles. Share your enjoyment. 

That’s what nourishes us.


That’s why we’re here.

To support your journey. To create healthy foods that nourish you and keep up with your lifestyle, no matter your diet. Always made in small batches, with mindfulness and attention, and always shared with love.


~ April